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Recommendations for Body Donations for Medical Studies

1. The donation of one's body upon death for medical studies

does not bestow upon that individual any special benefits or

privileges from the university/hospital/medical center; with the

donation only being a result of faith.


2. The prospective donor must fill out 2 copies of the Donation-

consent form(consisting of 4 pages) and 1 copy of Purpose of

Donation form, in which these forms can be requested from the

Department of Anatomy, Srinakharinwirot University via mail or

through contacting the department through Tel. 02-2601532,

02-2602234-5 ext. 4502. The forms can also be downloaded

through this link and this link


3a. Upon completion of the form, please send in-person back

to the department. With the form, please attach two 1x1 inch

photos of yourself, along with a photocopy of your national

identification. It is advised that the prospective donor inform

his/her relatives or representative regarding the submission of

the form prior to coming to the department. If the donor wishes

to submit the forms via post, please attach the photos and

photocopy of the ID card with the forms.


3b. Upon completion of the verification of the forms, the

prospective donor will receive 1 copy of the Donor-consent

form, along with a Donor-identification card with an affixed

photo of the donor. If the forms, photos and ID card photocopy

were sent via post, the department will return via post a copy

of the Donor-consent form and Donor-ID card to the donor.

Please keep the Donor-ID card with you at all times for ease of



4. Upon death of the donor, the relative or person given

responsibility must notify the department within 12 hours. Any

further delays would result in sub-optimal fixation of the

deceased, preventing the use of the cadaver for instruction.

The injection of fixatives by persons of responsibility or

relatives is strictly prohibited; please place the responsibility of

fixative injection on our officers alone.


5. The department kindly requests donations of body be

restricted to the following provinces:

Bangkok metropolitan, Nonthaburi, Nakhon Nayok,

Prachinburi, Samut Prakan, Samut Songkhram, Pathumthani,

Nakhon Pathom, Ayutthaya, Ratchaburi, Chonburi, Samut

Sakhon, Chainat, Uthaithani, Saraburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi,

Trat, Phetchaburi, Prachuab Khiri Kan, Suphanburi,

Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Sawan (Muang District only)

As soon as the department is notified, our officers will go and

inject the deceased on location.


Please Note: The Department of Anatomy reserves the right to

refuse the donations of bodies under the following conditions:


1. The deceased has undergone death for over 24 hours, with

the exception that the deceased has been kept in a

temperature-controlled hospital morgue.


2. The deceased is under 20 or over 70 years of age


3. The deceased experienced major surgery or accidents

leading to the loss of organs and/or limbs (with the exception

of the corneas), or presented with cancerous growths in chest

and/or abdomen


4. The deceased is involved with an ongoing investigation, or

must undergo or had undergone an autopsy


5. The deceased had undergone fixation prior to donation


6. In the case that the donor/deceased is outside the provinces aforementioned, the corpse may only be brought to the department for fixation if the corpse was kept in a refridgerated morgue


7. If the deceased was afflicted with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or leprosy                   


Further notifications:


1. Please note that the department will not permit the

deceased to undergo funeral rites prior to, during or after

donation due to the fact that the corpse must repeatedly

undergo fixative injections for a further 7 days after the initial



2. After the completion of studies, the department and

medical/dental students will organize a royal funerary service,

which is a service conducted annually. The

relatives/responsible persons will be notified prior to the

service. Any relatives/responsible persons that wishes to

conduct their own funerals must note this desire in the

donation-consent form mentioned above


3. If there are changes in the address or location of the

deceased, please kindly notify the department at your earliest

convenience to prevent any inconveniences or logistical

problems that may arise from such changes


      The donation of your body is a great sacrifice for the

medical community, and each student will give his/her utmost

respect. This is best illustrated through the referral of each

body as "the great teacher". Each student will be extremely

gracious and appreciative to your sacrifice and in your

providing a valuable opportunity to further their medical