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Our core values

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Com med NJ

 (Image: Nophakit Jirawarakarn, MEDSWU class 28, taken with patient's permission)

The Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University strives to produce doctors who are not merely doctors, but also human beings. As Prince Mahidol, a father of modern medicine in Thailand once wrote to a medical student, "I do not want you to be only a doctor, but I also want you to be a man", it is our Faculty's core value to produce excellent men and women. From the earliest days of students' education, we endeavor to instil a sense of public service and an appreciation for the human aspects of medicine--compassion, empathy, communication skills--as well as the scientific basis of medicine.  

The Faculty strives to reflect our core values in the administrative, educational, and service work we perform. Our core values include the following:

Founding principles

The Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University was founded to produce doctors with an attitude of service, integrity, and sacrifice, and to train doctors with medical knowledge and with public health expertise.



"Attānam Damayanti Panditā" The wise control themselves.

Organization values (MEDICINESWU)

M = Merit
E = Enough, that is, sufficiency
D = Development
I = Intelligence
C = Community
I = Innovation
N = Network
E = Excellence
S = Simplicity
W = Work
U = Unity

wai khru NJ

Students thanking their teachers in the wai khru ceremony (image: Nophakit Jirawarakarn, MEDSWU class 28)


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