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Medical student ethics

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 The Thai Medical Student's Code of Conduct

The Thai Medical Student's Code of Conduct was formally promulgated on 1 November 2012 after consultations with medical educators, ethicists, alumni, and most importantly with medical students throughout Thailand and the Society of Medical Students of Thailand.

The Code of Conduct is a formal document detailing how a medical student should behave and what constitutes honorable behavior. The Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University recognizes the importance of early exposure to medical ethics for our students.


I. Thai Medical Student's General Practice

  1. Put the benefit of your fellow man before any personal gain.
  2. Be meritorious, with emphasis on discipline, patience, punctuality, integrity, responsibility, humility, gratitude, rationality, and appropriate appearance.
  3. Conduct yourself within professional bounds and as an example to others in society.
  4. Be inquisitive, well rounded, and practical: stay up to date in order to improve your practices for the benefit of fellow humans.
  5. Be mindful of the cost and appropriateness when using resources and technology.
  6. Refrain from receiving any gifts or financial incentive which may affect your standing as a medical student, member of the students' union, member of your educational institution, or the standing of the medical profession.

II. Thai Medical Student's Practice to Patients

Medical students must respect patients' rights--for they are your teachers--by:

  1. Maintaining doctor-patient confidentiality except information used for educational purpose and obtained with informed consent,
  2. Communicating well and providing patients with appropriate information,
  3. Not seeking any gain from a patient except a chance to learn,
  4. Protecting patients and yourself from harm by recognizing the limitations of your abilities,
  5. Behaving professionally towards patients, respecting their emotions and statutory rights.

III. Thai Medical Student's Practice to Others

  1. Honor and respect the dignity of others, including your lecturers, seniors, juniors, and all other staff in all professions, institutions, and hospitals as well as all members of society.
  2. Help and assist your fellow medical students and members of other professions.



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