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Our vision and mission

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(image: Nophakit Jirawarakarn, MEDSWU class 28)

The vision of the Faculty of Medicine is to become a top 20 medical school in ASEAN by 2017.

The vision includes the following:

  • Being a leading educational institution, serving the community, emphasizing research, and innovating for the international community
  • Being an institution that trains knowledgeable and skilled physicians with excellent communication and teaching skills
  • Being an institution of excellence in education, research, preventative medicine, and community service in compliance with the government policy of one university, one province (Nakhon Nayok-Sa Keow)

To move towards our vision, the Faculty's operational strategy has been encapsulated in the mnemonic SMARTMED:
  • Staff Focus: part of our strategy to improve the quality of life and develop human resources at all levels within the Faculty 
  • Management to Excellence: efficient management allows the Faculty to accomplish our goals
  • Academic Passion: continual improvement of our academic standards based on the Thai Quality Framework and World Federation for Medical Education standards
  • Research Capital: investing in innovation and cutting-edge research
  • Teamwork of Health Science: promoting inter-disciplinary teamwork among healthcare professionals and the community
  • Modern Technology: effective utilization of information technology within the Faculty 
  • Education & Learning Organization: creating a learning organization
  • Dignity & Values & Unity: building a sense of unity, identity, and pride in the organization

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine is:

  1. To support and develop educational standards that produce ethical, meritorious, and conscientious undergraduates and postgraduates who maintain a high professional standard to serve both Thai and ASEAN societies.
  2. To support multidisciplinary research, build internal and external, national and international networks, and share our research on the international stage.
  3. To provide quality educational initiatives to the community in order to support community development, responsibility, and community spirit.
  4. To preserve and create cultural knowledge in accordance with University policy.
  5. To build an excellent management system using appropriate tools, including information technology.
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