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Master's in Dermatology Program Featured

Master of Science Program in Dermatology

Our Master of Science Program in Dermatology is a well-established and well-known course that aims to produce research-oriented and scientific practitioners in dermatology. Our curriculum emphasizes both basic science research and clinical investigations and our students have been awarded numerous prizes for research excellence at the Thai Dermatology Association's annual meetings. We also produce clinicians who are able to diagnose, treat, and utilize prevention strategies for dermatological conditions.


Degree earned: Master of Science (Dermatology), M.Sc. (Dermatology)


Eligibility: Licensed Thai physicians


Career path after graduation: May practice as a physician with enhanced skills in dermatological conditions and research. May practice in hospitals, clinics, or private practice.

Note: this program does not lead to board-certification in dermatology


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Telephone: 037-395-451 to 5, ext. 60414 to 60415

Fax: 037-395-460

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